Lilli Hutto
Mediating Conflict since 1993.





Why would anyone want to get in the middle of angry, fighting people?

That is a good question and one I'm asked regularly. My answer? I've been doing it all my life.

Born the second of five children, I spent my childhood negotiating conflict between my siblings. As you can imagine, it was both challenging and interesting. My experience with my brothers and sister helped me develop a sharp sense of awareness tempered with compassion and patience — and, brought me to where I am today.

Mediation Today is the culmination of extensive training and over twenty years experience helping families and businesses to find solutions to conflict and move forward with their lives.

So, you really enjoy this type of work?

Don't get me wrong, this work is definitely not a walk in the park. Conflict can get messy and costs everyone involved a lot of time, money, and emotional distress. But, it is important to remember conflict happens all the time. It is what puts passion in our lives. How we manage connections, while managing our viewpoints, is the ultimate challenge of humankind. To manage those connections with true listening, why....that is to achieve a working society.

It is with these strongly held beliefs that I have learned everything I can about how conflict works, why it happens and how I can help people short circuit the tremendous drain a complicated disagreement can cause.

What makes a good mediator?

A good mediator is the eye of the storm ? the calm person supporting ALL the parties as they discover ways to resolve the situation. My process involves listening carefully to both sides and making sure everyone involved clearly articulates the problem as they see it. A discussion involving hard facts and even harder perspectives must be clarified and explained before moving toward a possible list of resolutions. Each side ultimately formulates a plan they believe will settle the dispute. Once the storm has passed, decisions are ready to be made by the parties.

The ultimate goal? Finding solutions before the conflict results in litigation and costly court battles.

How can you help me move past conflict and forward with my life?

My background has prepared me for almost any dispute. I mediate for government agencies handling EEO claims, communities looking to resolve public disputes, and businesses working to resolve disparity. Whether you are seeking to resolve teamwork issues, wrongful termination or just looking for coaching around conflict, Mediation Today is your answer.

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